Internal Communications

Before I got into marketing, I found my way into internal communications. With a background in psychology and business, I’ve always been fascinated with how to influence behavior, attitudes, and beliefs.

Communication fuels a company. Without effective internal communication, goals stall and companies ultimately fail. To effectively communicate to employees, you must be able to anticipate questions, proactively address concerns, and adapt quickly. Often, organizational leaders are too close to a subject and a fresh perspective can be helpful when developing communication plans and tactics.

A good internal communication strategy fits naturally into business practices and ensures everyone knows exactly what to do to help the organization succeed. I work with my clients to develop strong internal communications strategies that engage and motivate employees. Work may involve:

  • Employee or stakeholder newsletters
  • Internal presentations
  • Change management communications
  • HR communications (leadership coming or going, reorganizations, etc.)
  • M&A support
  • Intranet design and management
  • Leadership and management communications
  • Employer branding or recruitment communications